Bailey R. Hansen spent her unconventional childhood traveling the continental United States with a clown and a clarinetist (aka her parents). After decades of science fiction and fantasy stories spinning through her head (and even writing some of them down), she is the proud co-author of FREAK CAMP: Book 1 of A Monster by Any Other Name and writer/narrator of the Known As Belén podcast. She has also been published in the Ohio River Review and has presented at the Lakefly Writers Conference.

Bailey graduated from the University of Evansville (Indiana) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative writing and traveled Europe for a few years with a home base in Toledo, Spain. As she was completely uncertain about what she wanted to do with life (other than write books), she has worked in fields ranging from youth ministry to digital marketing to technical consulting. In her opinion, the one thing those fields have in common is needing to tell a story well. In her books, you can expect the unexpected in the ordinary, and the strange to become fascinatingly commonplace.

After years wandering, she has settled in northeastern Wisconsin because true artistry requires cold and suffering (that’s 100% supposed to be a joke . . . but might not be). Bailey remains a voracious reader and sings, crochets, and grows more plants than her house is designed to hold. Much of her time is spent pretending she’s going to finish things and not buying more yarn. 

You can follow Bailey on Instagram (for cute photos) and Twitter (mostly for strange dreams), TikTok (honestly, there is nothing there yet but one snail video so…you know, make good choices about your own media consumption . . .), or find her speaking at various conferences.