A Monster by Any Other Name (Series)

A Monster By Any Other Name is a slow-burn, paranormal M/M love story dealing with trauma, survival, and what it means to be a monster. Book One is the hurt that leads to the comfort (and not for the faint of heart…we recommend that everyone read the warnings) but the series can be read starting from Book Two. Each book has a happy for now/happily ever after. Click on an image below to buy in ebook or paperback or learn more about that installment or the buttons to the side for general information. Book 4, FORTRESS, will be arriving Fall 2024.


graphic of the Starbound cover by Bailey R. Hansen, image of person staring longingly up to the stars

Starbound is a slow-burn M/M space opera in a tri-gendered society being posted episodically on Kindle Vella. Each episode delivers on snark, romantic tension, and SPACE. Happy ever after is guaranteed.

About Starbound

Natl’s dream is simple: become Navigator on a space ship, and live the rest of his life NOT the breeder of some knot-head alpha looking for an omega mate. Then he meets Jaron. The alpha is handsome, funny, considerate, and kinder than Natl thought an alpha could be. Could a mate fit into Natl’s carefully constructed life, or will Jaron tear it all down?

Episodes of Starbound are posted weekly on Kindle Vella, Amazon’s new episodic reading platform. You can check out the first three episodes for free!