S1E4 – Mini-Interview: Conversation with Mom by the Water (Transcript)

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Now for something different: a tiny conversation with my mom while the Bay of Lake Michigan roars in the background. This is my very first interview-style episode and done completely spur of the moment! Thank you to my wonderful mom for being up for an impromptu recording.

Listen to the episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts* Transcription is below.

S1 E3 Transcript (with Minor Variations)

This episode is something a little different. This last weekend was Labor Day weekend and I went to visit my parents. I mentioned before that they live by water – in my episode about Summer – and I just had a little chat with my mom about what it’s like to live on the Bay of Lake Michigan in North America, the United States.

BEGIN INTERVIEW, with the sound of waves crashing in the background/mid-ground.

Known as Belén: So I’m here with my mom my by the water and you can hear the water in the background. So Mom, what’s your favorite part about living here?

Mom: The water. Water, quietness at night ( but still hearing the water), the beautiful sunsets we get here….It’s just a very peace-filled place most of the time.

B: Except when the jet skis come by. 

M: Right. Yeah.

B: Or the highways.

M: Winter is super beautiful because it’s so crisp and blue and clear and the white of the ice just reflects so it’s so bright. And when you look out your window it doesn’t look cold, but then you step outside you go “Ooo, there’s a big nip in the air!” It’s very cold, butvery beautiful. There’s just so much peace living here. Like I said, I always come back to the sound of the water, looking at the movements of the water. Yeah, that’s it.

B: Even when the water looks way too cold – like, today we kind of thought about going in, but we didn’t really have the commitment – even then the water’s just gorgeous.

M: It is! It’s kind of churned up today so it’s kind of dirty, but we keep saying “Oh, we should go and wander and do something else” and every time we think about it then we just don’t go anywhere. We just keep sitting because the water keeps drawing you back to itself, I think. For me it does anyway.


I find water to be restful even when it doesn’t look very restful. Water can be dangerous and there’s some of that, too,  but you can listen to the surf crash crash crash against the shore and knows that it’s always the same and always different at the same time. If you, like me, find the sound of the water restful even in its fury, the last 30 seconds of this episode are just that: wave sounds, bring you to the end.


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